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He fell asleep after have some funny convo with me on phone this morning. #baby #instadaily #dailyphoto #photooftheday

Hi! #draw #potrait #me #sketch #colour #pencil #smile


Colourant by Floto+Warner

Yehey! Thanks to google for making very good apps #snapseed :) #smile #grin #friends

Dear God. If this kid come to me as a goodness, let us get closer. If he come to me as a bad thing, I hope you turn him into a goodness and let us close together. I love this kid just how I love my other family member.
When I think I couldn’t doing anything, I just can hope. That was my best after I tried every way.
I don’t see you today, even your text activity. I missing you.
I don’t know what I feel recently, but the thing I know is that I like you now. I don’t know what I will feel to you tomorrow or ever.
I can only wish, the thing ever happened in my past will never happen again in my today or every next day in my life. I just give myself to You, dear God. ㅠ__ㅠ

Tbh, I just woke up when I draw this because suddenly I remember about Yama’s birthday. My mistake, sorry #yamadaryosuke